It's all about documenting your wedding in a way that fits your personality. We love taking personal journeys with our couples and being able to share your love stories in video-form. Below are just a few examples of our work. If you'd like to see more then drop us a message and let’s grab a cheeky brew... Or an even cheekier beer, whisky or gin.

Sarah and Lewis

BOOOOM! Sarah and Lewis... You are amazing! I filmed this pairs wedding towards the tail end of 2019 and it was flippin' awesome!! So much energy! So many smiles! SO MUCH LAUGHTER... And 1 x wedding dog!! Getting married in style? completed it, mate!

Nicole and Owen

These legends are also known as Nicole and Owen. Damn, this was a fun day! Couples shoots shouldn't be awkward! This one largely consisted of Nicole and Owen standing and looking at one another while I said funny words to provoke natural laughter... "BANANA HAMMOCK". It works a teat! We had a right laugh and these guys look awesome. #nailedit ❤️

Sinead and Chris

I am absolutely thrilled for these two! Sinead and Chris had an Awesome December wedding at Norwood Hall... The light was amazing!! These guys were super chilled out and lovely to work with... Chris' words at the start of this video certainly bring a tear to the eye... But I'm not crying!! YOU'RE CRYING!!

Farah and Ben

Farah and Ben are awesome ❤️ These guys got married at The Cruin, on the banks of Loch Lomond. It was epic... Properly epic!! I had a blast. They had a blast. Everyone had a blast... Blasts could be seen from miles away!!

Sachelle and Sean

WAAAAAH! I love this couple! Sachelle and Sean were just perfect. This was one of those weddings that makes you feel all warm inside... And how amazing is that sunset? I have officially melted! #sendhelp

What you can expect

No two couples are the same and every wedding is unique. This is why getting to know our couples is the most rewarding part of the job. A warm handshake and a cup of coffee goes a long way and you would be amazed at how much more fun, chilled out and natural your wedding film will look once we get to know each other. From first meeting to final delivery, we offer a thoroughly professional, laidback, friendly and fun service.

The aim is not simply to make a wedding film.

The aim is to create a unique memory for each and every couple that we have the pleasure of working with.